JetLag RocknRoll: Valencia Travel Guide

Valencians Varo & Paloma, who throw the best rocknroll Halloween party in the world (Funtastic Dracula Carnival), reveal their favorite record stores, paella restaurants, bars & more in Spain’s third-largest city. Map should appear at the end of the page but can also be accessed here.


  • Explore Valencia’s rich history, culture, and architecture with a stroll through Barrio El Carmen.
  • Enjoy the sun, the beach, modernist architecture, and relaxing waterfront bars and eateries of the neighborhood of El Cabanyal.
  • Feast your eyes on the art nouveau architecture and colorful array of fruits and vegetables of Mercat Central (or Mercado Central, Central Market), and the intricate Valencian modernist tilework of Estació del Nord (or Estación del Norte, North Station).
  • Knock back a shot or two of la cazalla, a strong liqueur distilled from anise.


  • Modern Mediterranean fusion cuisine surrounded by a circular aquarium at Restaurante Submarino, which includes admission to the stunning Oceanogràfic aquarium if you make a lunch reservation
  • Traditionally made wood-fired paella at Restaurante Casa El Famós




  • Casa Montaña, established in 1836
  • Restaurante El Kiosko, a local meeting spot

FEATURED BAND PERFORMANCES (in order of appearance)

The Hi-Risers at 16 Toneladas
Radioactivity at 16 Toneladas (courtesy of Otis Tours)
Sonic Booms at Magazine Club
Daddy Long Legs at 16 Toneladas (courtesy of Liberto Peiró)
Yo Diablo at Magazine Club