JetLag RocknRoll takes you behind the scenes and around the world by joining forces with your favorite indie music makers, who share quintessential record stores, intimate venues where you can do the bop, the pop, or the cretin hop, tasty eateries that won’t bust your budget, and other rocknroll travel essentials.


Lily Chou & Chris Anderson can’t sit still when they’re on vacation. In fact, they take the kinds of vacations that require intense foot massages, extended couch rest, and brain-numbing Netflix bingeing when they return home. They thought making travel videos would help them relax.

Despite living 2,000 miles apart, music, photography, and travel brought them together. Chris documented the Chicago garage punk and skate scene from 1995-2007; his work has appeared in publications such as the Chicago Reader, Horizontal Action, Maximum RocknRoll, Razorcake, Thrasher, Big Brother, and Transworld, as well as on record and book covers and in music documentaries. Lily has been a DJ at UC Berkeley’s radio station KALX since 1993 and has been capturing the San Francisco Bay Area punk/garage scene since the early 2000s. Chris joined Lily in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007. Together, they’ve made music videos for bands such as Cheap Time, Radar Eyes, Wrong Words, and Hard Left.

Travelwise, they’ve explored countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the U.K., Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. Lily, a fourth-degree black belt in the Korean self-defense martial art of yongmudo, even garnered a silver medal at an international martial arts tournament in South Korea. They’re excited to present this unique resource for like-minded rocknroll-loving travel junkies.

When they’re not filming their travels, they’re Wild About You.